Harris Health Systems.


I was pulled onto a project by a local ad agency to provide web development support for a proprietary LMS training project that had stalled in the implementation process. I met with the internal team at Harris Health to assess the situation and put a plan together to get things back on track. Coordinating my efforts with the IT and senior management, I was able to deliver a working product, tested, and deployed for training usage within one week.

Roles: Web Developer, Consultant

The internal LMS training module was part of an ongoing rebrand of Harris Health Systems. Here is a link to the intro video that would serve as the intro to the LMS training module.

Project Details

Date: October 28, 2014

Author: Jarred Trapp

Digital: Web Developer, Consulting

Client: Langrand and Company


I've worked in the digital and creative industry for 13 years and understand what it takes from a "full stack" perspective to conceptualize, create, and implement compelling digital solutions that have helped businesses, corporations, and organizations reach their goals.

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