Fresh Dispense.

Fresh Dispense

The Fresh Dispense project included the discovery phase of My Fit Foods. The company was searching for methods to increase profits, sales, as well as brand recognition. I helped establish a new brand concept, via visual design and market research.

Roles: Art Director , Web Developer

Working with the creative team, I was able to help the company expand its network of business and client base. The orginal sketch I created is the idea we used as a baseline for our concept. We then created the branding and identity direction, as well as the website that would serve as the B2B base model.

Project Details

Date: Feb 18, 2016

Author: Jarred Trapp

Creative: Art Direction, Design, Concept

Client: Fresh Dispense



I've worked in the digital and creative industry for 13 years and understand what it takes from a "full stack" perspective to conceptualize, create, and implement compelling digital solutions that have helped businesses, corporations, and organizations reach their goals.

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